Visiting Chile once you will come back here again and again. Trip to Chile - is the opportunity to enjoy the way slowly and methodically life flows in these parts, to witness the fabulous scenery and inviting mountain peaks of the Andes and the Cordillera. We invite you to visit Lake Chungara and Miskanti, Atacama Desert, Volcano Parinacota, "tower" Torres del Paine, geysers of El Tatio, the mysterious Easter Island and Patagonia, granite, archaeological sites and Kopakilya Sapauira and more.


Brazil - a country of eternal holiday and rest. It never fades music, friendly people spinning in an uninterruptible dance in the air and the subtle smell of coffee. During the tour you will see the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer, the world's largest waterfalls of Iguazu, Sugarloaf Mountain, visit the rainforests of the Amazon, soak up the ocean for 4 killometrovom Copacabana beach and visit the most important event of the country - the Brazilian Carnival Sarnaval do Rio.


Passionate tango, tropical and jungle, football. This is the first thing that comes to mind when the word "Argentina". Today Argentina draws to its natural, architectural and cultural potential and endless possibilities for relaxation and adventure holidays. During one trip around the country you can visit the tropical jungle, enjoy the open spaces of the glaciers of Patagonia, to see the world's largest waterfalls of Iguazu, which are the natural border of Brazil and Argentina, to breathe fresh mountain air of the Andes. Tours in Argentina - a great way to experience for yourself.


If you are a true lover of adventure, then a trip to Peru is just for you! You will visit the heart of ancient civilizations, with their own eyes will see Machu Picchu and try to solve the mystery of drawings in the Nazca desert. Nazca desert adjacent to the mountain range of the Andes, impenetrable forests of Amazonia. This country is amazing variety of historical, human and natural resources. In addition to the amazing adventures our company can offer a beach vacation on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, extreme sport climbing a volcano, eco-tours.


Germany is a gourmet's Paradise. In every restaurant, every beer cellar hospitable hosts will offer you the specialities, delicious dishes and of course, fresh beer. On the other hand is a modern country with restaurants, bars, lively night life. Specially for fans of shopping we Wake up service Private night shopping with personal dressmaker and a professional stylist». Misty Hamburg, impressive Berlin, breathtaking landscape and charming architecture, the ski and beach resorts. To list all the possibilities for tours in Germany is practically impossible.


Almost everyone dreams of visiting Italy. The company «Vida Travel» will help you to realize a dream. If you enjoy a varied holiday, a few days can be devoted to the historical centers of the country, and in the rest, you can relax at one of the resorts: Ski, thermal, or on the coast. One should not forget that Italy - trendsetter. We are happy to arrange shopping tour with a personal stylist on the car at the best shops in Milan and Rome.


Kenya - a country of contrasts, hot deserts and snow-capped peaks, open plains and forests, pristine lakes and coral reefs, wildlife and safety. The most interesting part of the journey - a safari in which you feel like a real hunter. You can visit the natural conditions where wild animals live, to see how they live, watch the walk, sleep, eat and hunt. In Kenya, you will see almost all kinds of African animals - giraffes, antelopes, elephants, buffalo, lions, hippos, enjoy the contemplation of a huge cloud of pink flamingos.